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23 Gratitudes in 23 years:

Updated: Jun 30, 2021

Alright lovers. Virgos of the world rejoice! The day has finally come. The end of Gemini Season, Winter Solstice, my birthday!

So in my infinite Gemini Wisdom, here’s 23 lessons the Cosmos have taught me.

1. Thank you for the moon for teaching me that our worth is not contingent on showing up the same everyday.

2. Thank you for my natal Mars in my fifth house Gemini: Thanks for knowing I learn best through play. Thank you to the universe for inviting me to uplevel through lovers:

3. When I was at my most broken, thank you for bringing me a Pisces Rising man with Jupiter conjunct his ascendant. Thank you for providing me with the purest form of expansive love when I most needed him.

4. Thank you for bringing me the man with Triple Fire in his ‘Big Three’. Thank you for the way he ignited my soul, inspiring me to find my voice, passion, and purpose.

5. At my most experimental thank you for the Taurus Rising, Aquarius Sun, Virgo Moon lover for providing a container for safety in full authenticity like never before. Thanks for showing me that the right people will accept and love you no matter how ‘much’ or how ‘weird’ you get (and if you get lucky they might also pack you the most eccentric -and practical- outfits for your impromptu 10 hour solo road trips). Thank you for the reminder that expectations have no place in love.

6. Thank you for my Gemini Sun for always finding her way to words and writing. For the way she just wants to learn and play and explore.

7. Thank you for my friend Amanda’s Pluto/Sun opposition. Thank you for giving me a soul mate who stares into death and transformation everyday. Thank you for providing me with a sister who isn’t afraid to get real regarding the darkness.

8. Thank you again, for the moon, for teaching me that the beauty of the feminine is in the fact she doesn’t show up the same twice in a row.

9. Thank you for the sun, for showing me that what I crave from the masculine is safety through consistency and warmth.

10. Thank you for my brothers Pisces Sun, Leo Moon, Capricorn Rising combo. Thank you for gifting me with the funniest person I know, with the ultimate capacity for compassion and love who knows when to get down to earth and serious real quick. Thank you for gifting me a boy -who grew into a man- who knows when I need to laugh, when I need to be cared for, and when I need to be brought back down to reality. All in support, all in love.

11. Thank you for Nodal Lilith shining a light on the primal feminine. Thank you for showing me my wounds surrounding manipulation and leaky sexuality, thus allowing me to redirect that energy into the assertion of established and embodied sensual power.

12. Thank you for my Dad’s 2nd house Stellium. Thank you for all the ways he worked so hard to provide financially.

13. Thank you for all the Virgo placements that are stalking me (seriously, I get rid of one and 20 others show up). Thank you for reminding me that I came down to the earth realm for a reason and I should try to live on it at least sometimes.

14. Thank you for the nature of retrogrades, thank you for reminding us that there is always time to revisit and reflect on ideas, relationships and projects that may be unfinished.

15. Thank you for Bridget’s Scorpio Sun. The Scorpio-ist Scorpio I ever did meet. The term ‘fiercly loyal’ was written in reference to this October baby. Thank you for bringing me this woman and teaching me that I’m worthy of ongoing love even when I’m not showing up as the most.

16. Thank you for my rising in Aquarius. Thank you for making me the biggest flirt, someone with lots of big ideas, who can never be put into a box, who’s constantly attracted to the weirdest and most wonderful aspects of life.

17. Thank you for my Mum’s Venus and Moon conjunct in Aquarius. I’m so grateful that when I was growing up, looking to her for examples of how to be a woman I was provided a reflection of the woman I was always going to ‘rise’ into.

18. Thank you for Neptune Conjunct my ascendant. Thank you for showing me how to love.

19. Thank you for the study of Astrology, that helped me make sense of the world in a time where nothing else did.

20. Thank you to the beautiful souls who I get to meet in this astrology space.

21. Thank you to my beautiful clients. Who say yes to me, yes to getting to know themselves through a different framework. Yes to self empowerment and yes to the unknown.

22. Thank you for the infinite wisdom of all my mentors. Thank you to the ultimate guide who looked at my chart and gave me permission to be weird. Who gave me direction to stand out. The most beautiful lady who has full faith in me when I doubt myself and is genuinely so excited that I found this path.

23. Finally, thank you for the seasons. Thank you for putting into perspective that nothing lasts forever. Thank you for teaching me that every ending is the initiation to a beautiful new season.

And just like that, I'm 23. I'm so blessed to be on this journey with you. I'd love to connect with you more on instagram @cosmos.via.gabrielle.

All my love always, Gabrielle ✨

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