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Femininity and Astrology Part 1 of 3: As above, So below. Our bodies, The Cosmos, Our Soul.

If we imagine a yin and yang symbol we can see that there is a bit of black in the white section and a bit of white in the black section. Every yin and yang has a different makeup of polarity. Some are 60% white 40% black, some are 90% black 10% white… there’s a full spectrum of where we can land in terms of our gender identity, and relationship with our own feminine. The feminine body and feminine core often overlap, but not always. We are not just a combination of our parts, rather our physical body is often a reflection of our energy. For example: If someone has had a hysterectomy and technically does not have a uterus anymore, they aren’t any less of a feminine being, they still hold an energetic womb space. If you identify as a more feminine person, then you are a feminine person.

So astrology is having a huge resurgence. Now more than ever, people are learning their rising signs and talking about Mercury in Retrograde… and when I say people I mean women and the lgbtgi+ community. Because you know who are -largely- very much not interested in or open to Astrology? Major generalisation in 3...2...1… Heterosexual men.

Have you ever looked at that and thought… But why?

That -I discovered once I started writing- is a huge question. So I’ve decided for the sake of my sanity and your concentration span to break down the question, and answer it in three parts.

Today let’s just focus on a bit of background, and then get into the relationship between the rise of the Feminine and the resurgence of Astrology.

I’d like to start this off by sending out a huge appreciation to some of the most amazing men I’ve collected in my life. These men are my biggest cheerleaders, 100% backing me while at the same time, not getting it at all. Trying not to let on to me that they think I’m absolutely crazy and giving me a tonne of backhanded compliments. Here are two typical conversations I had with two very prominent masculine energies in my life lately:

“Are you excited to give your reading tomorrow?” “I’m very excited. Very nervous though. I just want to be able to leave and have her feeling so seen and give her some amazing takeaways from our time. I’m just nervous I won’t deliver.” “You’ll be great. You know what you’re talking about and you’re passionate about it. She’ll be happy.” “... Are you low-key proud of me?” “Ofcourse I’m proud of you.” -he said sincerely, followed by: “I’ll always be impressed by anyone conning people.” -He then laughed. Evilly. (His Mercury is in his 9th house Aquarius… (IYKYK)) Now for a less evil example: Another beautiful Masculine presence in my life said:

“I’ll be honest, I’ve never really looked into Astrology, but I know you and I love you and I trust that you came here to help people and you are doing that.” (For reference: His Mercury is in Pisces in his 2nd house.)... Same message… Very different communication styles. I’m not crying, you’re crying.

But why are so many masculine beings so disenchanted by the ideas of astrology, especially when this wasn’t always the case? From Babylon to Ancient Greece astrology was considered a highly academic profession. In ancient times astrologers were considered great, respected scholars, and advisors to kings. The principles of astrology drove the study of astronomy, meteorology and even medicine. Classical astrology was not considered intuitive, spiritual and feminine but rather scientific, disciplined and masculine. This was due to Astrology being one of the most scientific methods available at the time. When the realities of the world were understood in terms of cycles and seasons, astrology served as another lens to predict and understand the cycles we experienced as human beings.

As technology progressed we found other ways to make sense of ourselves and the world around us. Through Religion, Science and Evidence Based Practices there was a push to a more conservative paradigm. The rules were the rules and what we could see and back up with evidence we believed. As the Masculine disregarded the practice of Astrology when new technology emerged the feminine picked it up, looked after it and over time developed it into what it is today.

In ancient times the perspective of Astrology was totally different. The perspective was more concrete and finite. The stars and planets were Gods that ruled over us. Nowadays, the perspective of astrologers towards astrology is more creative, gentle and intuitive. I certainly don’t believe that the planets are ruling over us, I believe that we aren’t separate from the planets. I believe that what is going on in the cosmos is a reflection of what is going on for us down here and vice versa. In my chart readings I guide clients to look at the stars to understand the energies that play out in their lives in an empowered manner. I do not believe that we are bound by narrow restrictions or definitions of fate.

We’ve taken what was once a dogmatic practice and injected it with beauty and compassion feminising the study and allowing people their own interpretations.

Masculine and Feminine Perspectives on Truth: Within each of us there is a mix of Masculine and Feminine energy. The masculine within us rules our brain; our logical mind and thoughts, while the feminine within us rules the body; our emotions and intuition. For those of us more embodied in our Masculine energy, Astrology (as it is largely practiced today) makes little sense. There’s no peer reviewed, evidence based research papers on how it works. The Masculine wants to know the why and the how and -I’ll be honest- from my feminine perspective: I don’t know. But I trust that it’s true, because I feel it. For those of us more embodied in our feminine, Astrology makes a little more sense. We don’t have to know exactly how it works to know if it feels right. We can receive readings and astrological updates and resonate with how the information lands in our body. We can trust our own intuition and take what resonates and leave what doesn’t. The Masculine is interested in the concrete, the facts, the yes and no. The feminine is more open to interpretation, to emotional responses, to the maybe.

As a society we thrive with a harmony of Masculine and Feminine. We need logic and facts, stability and tried and true systems, but we also need to be able to empathise, to feel, and to experiment.

Feminine Rising:

First off: A background on feminine expression: For a long time the paradigm has been off. The Masculine has been public and the Feminine has been private. Second wave feminism saw women breaking major gender barriers in terms of career, education, family and sex. When we look back to this time we can see that these major breakthroughs were made largely through sacrificed femininity. The contraceptive pill gave women control over their fertility and thus opened up opportunities never seen before in terms of sexual freedom, family life and career prospects. This was done through shutting down the natural feminine cycle. It became ‘cool’ to physically reject the essence of a healthy feminine body -if that isn’t a reflection of a much larger issue, I don’t know what is.

Within the workforce women were only accepted as long as they kept up with the masculine culture, either conforming to hypersexualised ideals of femininity (Think: Stupidly high heels, full face of makeup and uncomfortable clothes) or adopting masculine workplace behaviours (Shutting down emotions, showing up the same every day, etc.). There was a cultural loophole: It had become politically incorrect to exclude women from public spaces; but opening the gates to women did not mean opening the gates to feminine expression.

-I would like to take a moment to thank those women, because I know that I would not be sitting here in the life I have if they hadn’t made those sacrifices. We owe it to them, as we owe it to our future daughters to not stop at the progress they made.

I believe that it is now our turn to make huge leaps for women to be embraced in all containers in their authentic feminine expression.

The paradigm is shifting and we are making space for the rise of the feminine. Feminine beings are educating themselves, their sisters, their daughters, along with their sons, brothers, and lovers on the importance of feminine expression. We’re welcoming feminine expressions into containers where they had previously been excluded. In 2018 Jacinda Ardern made history breastfeeding her baby at a UN conference. The ‘Me Too’ and ‘Times Up’ movement saw major shifts in regards to treatment and handling of sexual assault and crimes against feminine expression. We are educating ourselves on the (not so great) reality of hormonal contraceptives and learning how to embrace our cycle to manage our fertility. We are breaking the taboos around mental health and self development, and encouraging men to nurture their own inner femininity.

As we expand the container for the feminine it makes sense that more intuitive, cyclic and unseen frames of understanding the universe (ie. astrology) are also having a resurgence.

Ok! Thanks for making it to the end of the Feminine’s relationship with Astrology installment 1 of 3!

In the next few days I’ll post installment 2: All about the intrinsic link between our natural masculine/feminine cycles and the cosmos AND how women's periods give us a natural gift to tune into the cycles of the cosmos and the earth.

Yeah… If you know me, you know if there’s two things I live for: It’s astrology and all things feminine sensuality/sexuality (Periods included).

Until then, all my love, Gabrielle xxx

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