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Rising with the Sun, Bleeding with the Moon.

The Relationship between the Feminine and Astrology: Installment ⅔: Connect and Disconnect from Masculine and Feminine Cycles:

Good morning my beautifuls! Today I would like to talk about how Masculine and Feminine bodied people live on different cycles and how our separate cycles influence our immediate understanding of the astrological arts ✨.

As I’m writing this, it’s Men’s Mental Health Awareness Week in Australia (To learn more suss out: so lets spice things up and let the boys go first today. Within very, very basic astrology the Masculine (both collective and individual) is represented by the Sun and the Feminine is represented by the Moon.

-Science Fun Fact: This actually correlates with the masculine and feminine hormonal cycles. Masculine bodied people follow a 24 hour hormonal cycle (If your interested there’s a really interesting book about male sexuality and hormones by Dr. Abraham Morgentaler “WHY MEN FAKE IT: The Totally Unexpected Truth About Men and Sex”), whereas Feminine bodied people follow a 28-32 day cycle.

The sun is (pretty much) stable everyday. It rises in the mornings and falls in the evenings. Masculine energy levels, moods and desires work on a 24 hour cycle. Before the introduction of technology, men were very in touch with this cycle. We would all rise and fall with the sun.

Naturally, as times have progressed we no longer rely on the sun to totally influence our lives. We have artificial lights and modern privileges and responsibilities that keep some of us up all night and asleep all day. Therefore, masculine bodied people are largely out of alignment with the rhythms that connect them to the cosmos. The average man will sleep in an hour, maybe more from when the sun comes up and stay up much later, manipulating his hormones to his sleep cycle, disconnected to the natural rhythm.

Equally, the essence of the Masculine/Sun cycle is secure. We need consistency from the sun and the masculine to create the container for the seasons of the earth and the feminine. It’s easier to bypass the Masculine/Sun cycles in favour of the Feminine/Luna cycles because the former is consistent. As humans, we take consistency for granted so it makes sense for us to not even recognise the Masculine connection to the Cosmos via the Sun as they are both so consistent in nature.

Now, onto the ladies:

The lunar cycle follows four steps: New, Waxing, Full and Waning, this matches the feminine hormonal cycle: Menstruation, Follicular phase, Ovulation and Luteal phase. (Also: When we say Mother Earth, we are thinking of the Earth as a woman. We can also see that she follows this cycle in terms of the seasons: Winter, Spring, Summer and Autumn. (Crazy right?)

Feminine energy levels, moods and desires rise and fall with the moon during the month. This connection is more intricate, delicate and obvious than the Masculine/Sun connection. We’ve all heard the old story that when women all live/work closely together their cycles sync to one another. It’s now understood that light is another influence over a women’s cycle, (Night light alters menstrual cycles). This means that before the introduction of technology and artificial lights, the moon used to have such an influence over women’s bodies that women used to bleed on the new moon and ovulate on the full moon, together.

While the Masculine cycle is consistent every day the feminine knows what it’s like to wake up a new woman everyday.

We can relate to the cyclic nature of astrology because we have first hand experience ebbing and flowing with the moon.

Our luna cycle forces us to be aware of our bodies and our emotions. The more we tune in, the more we realise that we are not separate to nature. The more we recognise that our bodies are reflections of the world around us the more likely we are to play with the idea that we may also be reflected by and reflective of celestial entities.

Witchy tip: Period magic and connection to the moon: The days leading up to our bleed (often referred to as PMS) we experience our most primal desires. What sort of pleasure do you want to have? Are you craving extra chocolate or more primal sex? Are you craving extra cuddles or some alone time? Write it down. Give it to yourself. Pay attention to the woman you are before you bleed, when your emotions are heightened? What is it you’re crying, screaming, yelling about? Allow yourself to feel those feelings. Write it down. Then, when you start bleeding, let it go. Burn the piece of paper. Your body, Mother Earth and the entire universe is cleansing you of all the energetic trauma pent up in your womb space. Allow whatever is hurting you to leave your body.

Image: Art From Milks Heart on Etsy.

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