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You are the masterpiece, Astrology is the paint.

I found Astrology when I was trying to take charge of my life. If you don’t know, a couple of years ago I was very sick. I was constantly seeing professionals and having these people with degrees throw more and more labels at me. I felt so unseen, so inhuman, I was soooo done with people boiling me down to these diagnoses and labels that just felt so restrictive.

It sounds bizarre that as I was turning away from feeling restricted and put in a box I turned to astrology… because, isn’t astrology just more labels? No. It. Isn’t!!!!

Not true astrology anyway. The fact is, much like the Feminine, Astrology has become so cheapened, so one dimensional, so boiled down.

So maybe that was what drew me to her in the first place. Maybe I was sitting there, under all the weight of the restrictive labels and I saw in her a kindred spirit. Maybe that’s why I used all the might I had to crawl to her because I could see her for what she really was, a little flicker of light that had been smothered by the opinions, labels and one dimensionalisation of society. Maybe that’s why I love her so much, maybe it was because we shedded the dead weight together. As I ripped off the layers of labels I had been given to keep me small she held me and told me “You are a microcosm of the entire universe” -what can be less restrictive than that?

Now let’s break it down, our individual birth chart.

Astrology was cheapened down for mass consumption some guy at the newspaper office once said: “Hey, what month were you born? Great, now all you guys read this.” But, that’s not it at all. Your sun sign is important, as it is an indicator of, largely, how you express all the other energies that are swirling around within you. At the end of the day human beings are brilliant artists, and if we wanted we could paint amazing artworks with only one colour… but the cosmos love us more than that, so we’re going bigger.

We then moved on a little bit and now people will say “You have to look at your sun, moon and rising.” which, I mean yes these placements are also important and at least you’re looking at more than just your sun sign… But!! you are still a multifaceted human being and your personality can’t be broken down into ⅓ this ⅓ this and ⅓ this. That’s three colours to paint your masterpiece with… doable, but we can do better.

Honeyyyyy… that is not expansive!!!

I’m not very maths-y but hold on with me for a second. The agreements your soul made coming to earth are represented in your birth chart, which looks like a wheel. There are 360 degrees in the birthchart before we add in the archetypes of the Zodiac. Once we add in the archetypes of the zodiac there are 12 possibilities of the zodiac that lands on the ascendant of the wheel, which will then add the flavouring of every single degree of the chart. So before we’ve even added in any planets there are already (12 x 360) 4320 possibilities of you, we then add the sun, moon and planets (4320 x10) 43200 possibilities of you. You can then take into account conjunctions, trines, squares and then the heaps of asteroids and nodes of the moon… Do you get it? It is SO expansive. It really goes to show that by looking at the entirety of your chart, you can see that Astrology is here to tell you that you embody this limitless potential, and that’s before we even bring the design into a 3D reality (aka: you)

Now, I might not be mathematically minded, but I am very artsy. So simply being born astrology is giving us an abundance of colours to play with as we the painters and the canvas’ are creating the masterpiece of our life.

Then, we get into this life, and we get choices! We get to create and be the manifestation of all the millions of ways that energy is going to show up, through different avenues! At different times! In different aspects of life!

We get to choose how we mix the paint, layer the paint, how we apply the paint and also, what we want the painting to look like. Having someone interpret or learning how to read your own birth chart and understanding the implications as the energy of the sky is moving and constantly influencing the energy within us is simply unlocking colours to incorporate into your life that you always subconsciously knew were there, but never quite had access to. Basically, Astrology is a tool that can help you learn how to make the best possible artwork out of the colours you’ve already got. Learning your chart, we can tell you which colours compliment each other. Where a little goes a long way and where not to over do it to overwhelm your life with one particular colour. We can tell you where to place the colours to get your life looking like the artwork of your dreams. And you know what else? You know what’s beautiful about painting and astrology? There are no mistakes. Even if you accidentally blob some paint somewhere you didn’t want it, you can incorporate it into something beautiful, even when you really feel like you fucked up, if you take ownership, it’s an opportunity to go deeper, to learn more about yourself If you feel like your artwork for your life is so off the rails, paint over it and start again. If you feel like your energy is so off, you’re nowhere close to the path you want to be on? Pause. Recenter your energy, start again.

Astrology tells us what, but we decide how. For example: I have a feeling this blog post is going to be coming out a little bit late because I spent the morning reflecting on my dreams. Since I was little I’ve always had very prophetic dreams, it’s how The Universe speaks to me. Once I got my chart read, someone once told me that I need to pay attention to my dreams because my Neptune is conjunct my ascendant in the 12th house and it’s basically where a lot of my psychic abilities come from. Making this part of my practice has been really beautiful and it’s really helped me in making those next steps faster if that makes sense by tuning into my birth gifts.

Here is me with a couple of abandoned artworks I found in my cupboard. Really want to be finishing these lovely ladies soon. As always, I would love to connect with you, please send me any questions you may have, and I would love to work with you, so we can paint your life as beautiful as you desire. All my love, always. Gabrielle ✨

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