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Astrocartography Report - Build your own

  • 15 minutes
  • 33 Australian dollars
  • Sydney

Service Description

Perfect if you're planning a holiday, looking to relocate and want to scope out what is going on for you Astrologically wise in these new locations, also a wonderful tool if you want to check your current location or locations from your past for an astrological interpretation of why you've felt a certain way in certain places. The PDF contains an explanation of how the energy of your nominated locations relate to your personal birth chart. Images of these locations are used to decorate your report. Please note: I cannot guarantee that all of your nominated locations will have an Astrological charge for you personally. Some Locations are 'Blank spaces' where the energy is more open and what you make of it. If one of more of your locations is a 'blank space' I will indicate this in the report. You will receive your report within 1 week of your booking appointment. -If you require a faster turn around please send me an email.

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