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60 minute Full Intuitive Chart Reading: 

For those wanting to understand the basics of their chart. We acknowledge your souls gifts and purpose while identifying any limitations that we're ready to let go of and providing practical tools to help you stay in alignment with your goals and desires. We discuss any aspects and conjunctions within your natal chart and dive into any current or near future transits. 

60 minute Embodying YOUR Magic Reading: 

Imagine the version of you that's turning every head in the room, that's manifesting her desires out of thin air, the career, the relationship, the friends all of it. I want to get you there. In this reading we uncover all the secret codes within your chart that will allow you to step into this woman's MAGIC. This is for you if you're ready to really hack your life and step into the most MAGNETIC version of you.

30 minute Return Client Catch-up Reading:
A quick little Catch-up reading for return clients for any astrological wisdom into new or current circumstances, Astrological transits or any follow up questions from our previous time together.

50 Minute In Person Astrology Consultation: Paddington, Sydney 

Located in Paddington/Sydney Australia on the 2nd Saturday of the Month, every month.

and abundance, and become aware of your most challenging locations.