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Dreaming in hopeful expansion. Astrological Update: Jupiter in Pisces.

Updated: May 23, 2021

From 14/05/2021 to 28/07/2021 the encouraging, noble and expansive planet of Jupiter is out of Aquarius and into the dreamy, idealistic and mystical sign of Pisces.

This is an exciting transit for two reasons: 1. Jupiter in Pisces offers an expansive activation of an area of your chart that only occurs every 12ish years. The last time we saw Jupiter transit into Pisces was September 2010. 2. Jupiter's transit out of Aquarius signifies Jupiter moving away from Saturn. Since December 2019 to this current transit, Saturn has been stalking Jupiter through the sky, imposing his serious and responsible nature and placing strong restrictions on any invitation Jupiter has offered us regarding expansion, hope and freedom (go figure). Away from Saturn, Jupiter can finally be fully expressed in the sign of Pisces. This current transit is offering us a restored sense of hope, freedom, expansion and excitement for the future.

This transit is a short and sweet taster for the energies that will be hanging around for longer at the end of 2021 to May 2022. The archetype of Pisces is spiritual and introspective - Jupiter in this sign is magnifying our internal world and offering us guidance on how to break through restrictions we’ve placed on ourselves. Jupiter in Pisces invites us to explore a beautiful balance between embracing flexibility and demanding respect.

Paired with the current Mercurial retrograde I think this is a wonderful time to go within to reflect on any limitations we have placed on ourselves.

The energy of Jupiter in Pisces has already invited me to expand my sense of self. My name is Gabrielle (pronounced Ga-Bree-Elle) but all my life I’ve gone by Abby. All of a sudden introducing myself as Abby doesn't feel right anymore. After doing some reflecting I realised that ‘Abby’ was another way I was keeping myself small. Mindset shifts are the first step in any reality shift, and Jupiter in Pisces is all about making these mindset shifts.

We can invite expansion into our three dimensional lives once we 1. identify our limiting belief systems and 2. believe that we are worthy of our desires.

Once I identified that the energetics behind restricting myself to a four letter name were the same energetics that fuelled my eating disorder (a fear of being seen and a belief that I was not worthy to take up space), I introduced the belief that I am worthy of the time it takes to pronounce a three syllable name. As Jupiter is now finally fully expressed in Pisces, I feel that I too, am finally fully expressed here, as Gabrielle.

With Jupiter magnifying Pisces our intuitive gifts are heightened, pay attention to your dreams and listen to your body. If we want to lean into it Jupiter in Pisces is providing an internal stage for deep personal transformation. It’s a great time to develop your spiritual practices and prioritise your personal health.

Look at the stories you tell yourself, you’ll be so amazed at how quickly change manifests in the physical when we change our mindset. Keep a journal, and everytime you catch a limiting belief write it down and write down three facts that contradict this. Example limiting belief: No one’s ever going to love me

Example argument: Big 3D facts: 1. “I have lots of friends that make me feel so loved, just last week I had dinner with so-and-so.”

Example argument: Smaller 3D facts, laugh at yourself. 2. “Love is so abundant, all sorts of people receive love every single day, what makes me so special that I won’t receive the love I want?” Example argument: Mindset facts: 3. “None of my problems will go away when I receive the love I want from another person, my happiness will always be my responsibility and taking this time to become the person I want to be is a wonderful gift for all my future loves.” I’ve found doing this enough stops the spiral and doesn’t let one negative thought ruin my day.

When we know our rising sign, we can find the house Pisces occupies in our chart, we can look at the areas of life we are being personally invited to upgrade our belief systems. (For those of you VERY new to this: here is a link to get your free birth chart drawing (And here is a short video that explains how to find the rising sign in your birth chart: Pisces Rising/Pisces in the first house: Physical body, sense of self, open-ness to the new, especially in regards to your physical body, new lovers, new diet, new workout routine, new sense of self.

Aquarius Rising/Pisces in the second house: Income, what your offerings are, money, sensuality, niceties. Capricorn Rising/Pisces in the third house: local environment, study, write, learn, communication, people you see most days. Sagittarius Rising/Pisces in the fourth house: Family, ancestry, relationship with mother, expanding ideas of home. Scorpio Rising/Pisces in the fifth house: Fun, joy, sense of play, dating life, children, romance Libra Rising/Pisces in the sixth house: Time management, obligations, routine, health. (Your body is talking to you, make sure you’re listening.)

Virgo Rising/Pisces in the seventh house: Important one on one relationships, business opportunities, marriage, legalities. Leo Rising/Pisces in the eighth house: Rebirth, death, sex, other people's money, enemies.

Cancer Rising/Pisces in the ninth house: Philosophy, travel, belief systems, educational systems, teaching, learning. Gemini Rising/Pisces in the tenth house: Career, public life, honours, fame, recognition, awards, relationship with father.

Taurus Rising/Pisces in the eleventh house: Close friendships, communities and support systems. Aries Rising/Pisces in the twelfth house: Retreat, private life, a deep time for spiritual expansion and reflection of the inner world. I hope this landed for you, and that this hopeful, expansive transit offers allows you to break down those self imposed restrictions that no longer serve you. As always, you're invited to connect with me via email or instagram @cosmos.via.gabrielle with any questions or comments. Until next time, Gabrielle ✨

Pisces, Johfra Bosschart

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