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✨Permission to feel, permission to heal. 3/3 ✨

✨Permission to feel, permission to heal.

✨Switching up power dynamics within the birth chart.

✨The Masculine and Feminine relationship with the healing arts.

✨The Polarity points of The Masculine and The Feminine.

✨Masculine and Feminine Dynamics in Astrology.

✨Masculine and Feminine Dynamics in Friendships.

We have cultured the masculine to repress their pain. Yes, I know we are culturally moving on from this, we still grew up in a culture where it was largely ‘not ok’ for boys to cry, or express their feelings. We grew up with a stigma around mental health and self development, we were very much told to ‘suck it up and get on with it’, as if that actually helped anything. I know I personally found spirituality and astrology as a method to heal when I was able to admit that I was not going ok. Pop culture, magazines, newspapers and even our beloved apps have possibly been the worst thing that has ever happened to astrology. Astrology is not about: “I’m an Aries so I’m selfish it is what it is.” Astrology is a tool that can be used for deep self reflection. We can explore our alchemy and the way we relate to the world around us through the understanding of our inner polarity.

Here’s a personal example:

When I read a chart, I don’t label transits, aspects or placements as good or bad. I look at the whole of a chart and look at these points as a blessing of ease, or an even better blessing: an invitation to grow. For example: In my own chart, there is a point of contention between my natal sun in Gemini and my natal moon in Taurus.

My Gemini Sun is the part of my personality that is so jumpy, extroverted and bubbly. She wants to do all the things, take all the classes, do all the jobs, make all the friends, kiss all the boys. She (at her highest expression) is so fun, she’s turned on for life and she invites everyone around her to join in on that. At her lowest expression: she’s so fickle. She removes herself as soon as the relationship gets boring, the course gets hard, the job gets tedious. She’s onto the next shiny thing. My Taurus moon is the part of my personality that’s so gentle, introverted, quiet, intuitive, protective and sensual. At her highest expression she is so seductive, caring and earthy, She’s checking that everyone’s eaten, and cooking them beautiful meals. She’s making love in expensive sheets and taking in beauty at every opportunity. She is slow, she’s in the moment and she invites you to join her there. She’s tuning SO into you and how she can serve you, she’s very good at setting the scene. At her lowest expression: She’s manipulative, she’s insecure, she’s stubborn. She’s too worried about how she’s being received to dive in fully. She uses her sexuality to get what she wants. She has no time for anyone who disagrees with her. A quick google of the Gemini/Taurus synastry will tell you that this is a ‘bad’ aspect. Gemini and Taurus don’t get along (and that’s why we don’t trust google). In my life the wounded version of both of my sun and moon have shown up and become friends to keep me stuck. My fickle Gemini sun was providing a container for my insecure Taurus moon. Gemini had me jumping from one thing (courses, visions for the future, relationships) and my Taurus moon has backed her up in not seeing anything through. Telling her that she’s totally right and they’re totally wrong. That it’s time to move on, we’re not good enough to be here.

I’m not someone who is easy to put in a box. Understanding how the dynamics of my chart were showing up in my life inspired me to make some changes. We were changing up the power play. I flipped the script: The gentle, introverted, protective, intuitive and sensualness of my Taurean moon was now going to be in charge of providing the container for my fun, flirty, interested, extroverted and excited Gemini sun. This allows me to show up in the highest form of expression for both my sun and my moon. My moon, my inner world, my feminine is scoping out the situation. She decides slowly and purposefully where we want to go and is so dedicated to getting us there. She’s creating the container for my sun to be fun, flirty and playful in. Imagine The Incredibles for a moment (yes the pixar movie) It’s like Violet (The ultimate Taurus) is setting this forcefield around herself and Dash (her brother, the ultimate Gemini (-or Aries-)) and then within the forcefield, Dash is running around finding things to help them enjoy their journey.

-Story time- Over my birthday weekend I drove up the Coast and immersed myself in the most amazing two day workshop with women. The experience was so enlightening, authentic and beautiful. On a whim, before driving home the Gemini in me made a snap decision to go visit a psychic to see if she had any thoughts on 23 year old Gabrielle. As soon as I stepped into the space I was greeted with so much inauthenticity. I’m really excited to actually integrate this experience and share a bit about people working from integrity and people who aren’t. But for the point of staying on task: This woman was just not tapping into my energy at all.

But you know what, her total lack of authenticity gave me all the guidance I needed.

After a weekend of minimal reception and stimulation, tapping so into nature, into beautiful, authentic women and into my truest self this was an opportunity to integrate.

My stubborn little Taurus moon took charge. I wasn’t moulding my truth to hers. I could sit in front of this woman (maybe 40 years older than me) giving me all this generic, shitty and -at a couple of points- very detrimental guidance and not go into panic mode. I wasn’t letting my Gemini sun go into panic mode and second guess every decision I've ever made and look to jump to the next best thing. I just sat and nodded and sent her love.

Essentially this woman knew that I could sense her inauthenticity so she started projecting on me, She tried to reignite all my ideas regarding not being enough, of not being accepted (especially by older women), she was attempting to validate all the imposter syndrome. My Taurus moon is one intuitive lady. She flipped the script, she took the opportunity to stand strong in her power. It was very sexy.

Side note: Switching up the power play of the internal dynamics of your birth chart is something I love to offer in readings.

If this is interesting you please send me an email or message me on instagram and we can set up a time to restructure the dynamics of your chart to best serve you. Anyway: circling all the way back, Astrology is a beautiful tool for self reflection and development. Two worlds that have largely alienated masculine people.

An interesting theory I read here: suggests that one of the reasons women are more represented in the wellness side of the self development world comes from the differing ideas of masculine and feminine success. Feminine people traditionally judge themselves on how they are showing up as caregivers, where as masculine people judge themselves on how they are showing up as providers. (I’ve actually thought that before, The Barefoot Investor and CryptoCurrency guys are the masculine equivalent of Astrology and personal development girls.)

I’m really excited to see what the next generation bring to the astrology and self improvement space, as we are moving away from the ‘Boys don’t cry’ paradigm and towards more realistic and holistic approaches to masculine healing. Women have been socialised that it is more acceptable to express the darker sides of their lived reality with their sisters, opening the conversation has led us to also sharing healing modalities. I’m really excited to see where the masculine takes us as organisations and groups such as the man walk (, Mens Shed ( and more ( change the conversation around men's mental health and wellbeing. So maybe… the time will come soon when we see the Masculine more represented in the astrological/self healing/wellness/spirituality space. I really hope so, because:

The fact is, masculine people make brilliant astrologists in a different skill set. When we talk about physical polarity the positive polarity points of a feminine body is the chest. Feminine bodied people penetrate the world through our heart space. For the most part, the gifts of the healed feminine are entering the world through love, bliss, compassion, understanding empathy, this means the space feminine people are taking up in the Astrological community is largely very love and light. We are utilising astrology to show care and love.

This is very different to ancient times, when Astrology was an extremely masculine practice that penetrated the world through the primal, sacral space. Astrology was used to predict when to go to war, when to conceive a son, how to brace for seasons etc. etc.

Masculine bodied people have another positive polarity point that is largely ignored, their adams apple. To dumb it alll the way down. Feminine penetrate the world through our breasts, through love and our heart space. The masculine penetrate the world through their sex, their primal desires and instincts. They also penetrate through their throat and their voice, offering their voice to lead, create safety and provide the container for growth.

What’s funny is that once the Masculine can perform the leap of faith and seriously entertain the idea of astrology they offer a really unique insight into it and tend to be really good at it. The Masculine brain is often more logical and can offer perspectives that the Feminine didn’t consider. The perspectives of both the Feminine and Masculine in every room is what offers balance and leads us to evolutionary growth.

Anyway, here’s a photo of a friend of mine who offers a perfect example of Masculine and Feminine polarity in friendships:

My friend Todd is a Sagittarius sun (which sits opposite my Gemini sun), 6’4 man built like an NRL player. As opposed to me, a 5’2 woman built like a tiny dancer. Todd is a man who shows up to get me out of sticky situations (sacral chakra) and make me laugh (throat chakra), be that ‘helping’(=doing all the work), when I’m moving house, giving me clothes to sleep in when I forgot to pack pyjamas after fancy events, calling me out when I’m behaving in my wounded feminine (not that he would use those words... but you get it), and even our latest play: Pretending to be my German husband Klaus when creepy dudes aren’t getting the idea 😂.

Soooo, that’s how he shows up in his masculine for our friendship, here is one example of how I showed up in my feminine for our friendship:

The Feminine is unbridled love, it takes a lot of trial and error in this world to feel safe to be in that energy. I was so nervous of rejection asking this friend how he felt being the photo in this blog post... and... he was so excited! he told me he felt ‘so privileged’. It was a really beautiful exchange between friends, it was a moment that I was fully surrendered to to my core of love and showed up authentically to him in my feminine.

So anyway, I hope you enjoyed my most rambly blog to date.

As always I love connecting with you via Instagram or email with any questions or stories you may have. I’m especially excited to connect with you if you are looking to re-work the power dynamics of your chart to better serve you in creating the life you so desire. It's honestly changed my life, and I would feel so privileged to create the container to help guide you to changing yours.

So much love, always: Gabrielle

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